Vertex, Deer Antler

$65.00 each

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This sleek and dramatic rollerball pen will appeal to anyone who appreciates a clean and crisp design. This pen was handcrafted from a piece of natural deer antler and is a one-of-a-kind creation. Deer antler, made of bone, is a challenging material to turn due to its organic composition. The outer layer is very hard but as the antler is thinned during turning it reveals a more fibrous interior that requires the addition of a stabilizer to prevent it from shredding.  Deer antler can vary in color from ivory to deep shades of brown and each piece exhibits many natural variations and patterns. This single barreled pen features a stunning, hexagonally faceted cap and grip. The unique cap is magnetic and easily fastens to the nib or end cap of the pen. This larger sized pen was finished in chrome hardware accents.