We make two different styles of pepper and salt mills that appeal to traditional and contemporary tastes. The first one is what we call an antique style mill as the grinding mechanism is reminiscent of a small antique coffee grinder. It features a variable grinding mechanism that easily adjusts from coarse to very fine and the peppercorns are stored in the bowl of the mechanism which is accessed through the sliding cover. Since the grinding mechanism is made of metal – not stainless steel or ceramic – it is not recommended for use with salt as corrosion could result. The more contemporary mill is sleekly styled and is called a push grind mill due to the fact that one holds the mill in one’s hand and pushes the top push-button with one’s thumb to grind the peppercorns or salt. This mill has a stainless-steel grinding mechanism so it can be used with coarse salt. The grind is permanently set to a medium/fine grind and cannot be adjusted. Since the two different mills are the same height the two mills are sometimes paired together to provide a salt and pepper option. If you are interested seeing the mills we have available for purchase please contact us and we will email you pictures of what we have available or would be happy to work with you to create a custom piece or pieces.