The kaleidoscopes we make are cylindrical in shape and contain three first surface mirrors angled to form a triangle. There is a lens at one end and at the other end is a container of small colorful pieces of material such as glass, crystal, beads, confetti, metal, shells, etc. As the cylinder is rotated the small pieces reflect off the mirrors and, because of the angles, create duplicate images which create striking patterns. In some instances, instead of the container of colorful pieces, we place a clear crystal ball at the end which makes the image that one is looking at the image that is refracted by the mirrors. In all instances, the effect when viewed through the eye piece is incredibly beautiful and totally mesmerizing.

We make a variety of different styles of kaleidoscopes – rotating end with a dry cell, rotating end with an oil cell, egg shaped, lighthouse shaped, teleidoscopes (clear ball end), and ones with a small or large wand at the end that contains the colorful bits and pieces that flow by the mirrors when the wand is held in a vertical position. The bodies of all of the kaleidoscopes are made from a variety of woods turned on a lathe. The pictures provide images of examples of what we make. If you are interested in purchasing a kaleidoscope please send us an email and we can email pictures of what is available or can create a custom piece for you.