About Us

Mike Browne and Leslie Young

Mike Browne and Leslie Young

Sharing a love for making things with our hands, we often talked of working together on projects even though each of us was creative in different mediums. Each of us has always been drawn to the inherent beauty of wooden items – the stunning grain patterns, the rich color tones – and discovered we had a mutual desire to learn how to turn wood on a lathe. Together we took a wood turning class and….the rest is history!

When we started several years ago, we focused mainly on creating fine writing instruments but, as our skills and expertise have grown, we have expanded our focus. Mike has continued turning on a lathe while I have found my niche creating items using a scroll saw. As well as making a large variety of pens from a multitude of different materials he also makes vessels, various types of kaleidoscopes, and pepper and salt mills while I make wooden nautilus shells and boxes using a scroll saw.

We take great pride in every item we create and use only the finest components. We craft each one as if it is a personal gift for a dear friend. Above all, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

As you browse through the portfolios in our gallery you will see pictures of some of our many creations. Some are available for purchase and others have already found new homes. We are unable to maintain two inventories – one for web sales and another for art shows – since almost all of our sales are done at art shows. If you see something that appeals to you please contact us and we will email you pictures of what we have available for sale or work with you to create a custom piece.

We hope you have as much fun browsing through our beautiful creations as we had making them in our studio under the rustling palms.

—Mike Browne and Leslie Young