Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is a nib tip pen that uses water based ink from an internal reservoir. In the fountain pens we hand craft this reservoir can be in the form of an ink cartridge or a piston cartridge. The former are easy to use, are readily found in office supply stores and come prefilled. The latter is filled by attaching the empty piston cartridge to the pen nib and placing the nib into a bottle of ink. The ink is drawn into the cartridge through the nib by turning the knob at the end of the cartridge. The pen works by transferring ink to the paper through the nib using gravity and the capillary action of the nib on the feed. A fountain pen requires almost no pressure to write thereby providing the user with a totally unique writing experience. Those who have ever written with a fountain pen never forget its exceptional feel.

A fountain pen, unlike a ballpoint or roller ball pen, is an extremely personal writing instrument in that it literally adapts to the writing style of its owner. The nib wears to the writing angle that is unique to each individual so it will not write as well if used by anyone else.

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