Wand Kaleidoscopes

Our wand kaleidoscopes come in two sizes - small and large. An acrylic wand filled with oil, tiny colored reflective pieces and colored translucent beads, is inserted perpendicularly into the body of the scope that holds the eye piece and reflective mirrors. The seemingly simple design reveals a complex, fast moving pattern when viewed through the eye piece.
One looks through the eye piece while holding the scope so that the wand is straight up and down. The fluid rushes through the wand, past the mirrors and one sees incredible patterns through the eye piece. When the pieces stop flowing and are at the bottom of the wand, one turns the wand 180 degrees so the pieces are now at the top of the wand and the process begins again revealing even more dazzling patterns.

Small wand scopes: The body is approximately 3 inches tall and the wand is 6 inches long.
Large wand scopes: The body is approximately 6 inches tall and the wand is 12 inches long.

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