Pen Care

All of our pens are hand crafted using the finest materials and our finishing processes provide outstanding beauty and durability. Having said that, care must be taken to maintain the pen’s appearance and provide the owner with years of enjoyment. Each pen purchased is shipped in a protective sleeve and it is recommended that the pen be stored in this sleeve.

Fountain Pen Care

Fountain pens are delicate writing instruments that require more maintenance and attention than other types of pens though the process is not difficult and will result in a more pleasurable writing experience and longer pen life. A fountain pen has several components: a nib, which is the decorative writing point; a feed, which is the ribbed component beneath the nib that transfers the ink to the nib through a capillary action when the pen is pressed to paper; and an ink supply which is in the body of the pen.The pens we handcraft come with both an ink cartridge and a piston cartridge so the purchaser can select either option. A fountain pen works in a much more complicated manner than either a ballpoint or roller ball pen. Ink is carried from the container in the pen body through a hole into the feed. When the nib touches paper, capillary action draws the ink through the feed ribs to the nib. As more ink is used on the paper more ink is drawn into the feed from the ink container.

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Wooden Pens

Wood is a very durable natural material but it can be damaged by a number of factors. Avoid storing your wooden pen in direct sunlight as it may cause premature aging and fading of the wood. Exposure to extremes of heat or cold – say storage in a car – may dry out the wood and cause cracking. Keeping your wooden pen in a pocket or purse without a protective sleeve may result in scratches from exposure to keys, coins or other harsh objects. Dropping your wooden pen onto a hard surface may result in damage. Use a soft cloth to buff the pen as needed but don’t use any cleaning agents. Furniture care products or paste waxes are easy to apply and will buff to a high sheen.

Acrylic Pens

Acrylic pen bodies are extremely durable but though the resins are more tolerant of temperature extremes they can become brittle and chip or scratch if dropped. Practical care should be followed.